تخت اتاق عمل اتوپسي

تختهاي اتوپسي براي انجام معاينات بعد از مرگ و جمع آوري و خارج كردن مايعات از جسد مورد استفاده قرار ميگيرند. اين تختها بگونه اي طراحي شده اند تا براحتي شستشو و ضدعفوني شوند. اتوپسي بمنظور تعيين علت مرگ و يا  گسترش بيماري و همچنين بررسي صحت تشخيص و سودمندي درمان انجام مي گيرد

Autopsy tables provide a working surface for post-mortem examinations and collect and drain fluids discharged from the cadaver. They are designed for easy cleaning and disinfection. Autopsies are performed to determine the cause of death and/or the extent of disease, as well as to indicate the accuracy of a diagnosis and the efficacy of treatment. Resident physicians and medical staff observe and perform autopsies as part of their clinical training.

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